Singing Together

Founded by Piers Cawley in 2016, the Singing Together club was inspired by the BBC Schools Radio programme of his youth and by Fay Hield and Jon Boden’s Royal Traditions singing club in Bradfield. After years of wishing that there were more clubs like Royal Traditions about the country, Piers realised that one way to solve the problem was by starting one of his own.

The format is unashamedly stolen from RT and is designed to maximise singing. There are house songs which everyone is encouraged to sing along with at certain points in the evening. The guest starts at 8pm on the dot and finishes at about 10pm, which allows time for a singing session from those who wish to stay.

Our guest programme is intended to be accessible and to celebrate great singers and musicians. We don’t tend to book current ‘celebrity’ singers, we favour those who’ve been making music for the love of it for years.

The club is run in the bar of the Doncaster Brewery Tap. We sell as many seats as we can fit, but there’s standing room at the bar with a good view of the ‘stage’ if you’d prefer. We pass a hat to those without a paid up seat. Because the pub isn’t closed to its regulars coming in for a Thursday night drink, there can be a bit of background noise, but that’s part of the pleasure of bringing our music out of the back room and into the life of the pub and its community.

Singing Together is a non-commercial venture. All ticket money and the hat goes straight to the artist. We fund any advertising, printing and emergencies through that essential component of any non-profit club, the raffle.